Some Dishes in Maharaja Indian Cuisine

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Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders of the world and one of the most visited tourist destinations in India. The grand old stone structure has inspired many writers and filmmakers. This article is all about Indian cuisine and its unique style of cooking that are liked by tourists in almost every part of the country. It is one of the most popular Indian cuisines, which originated in the state of Rajasthan. The word “Taj” is derived from the Punjabi word “taj” which means bravery or fort.

An Overview

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A typical meal of maharaja Indian cuisine consists of a combination of vegetables, lentils along with spiced lentils and dry fruits. There are some special dishes like Basmati rice, which is a very light and spicy Indian rice which can be used as starters and it’s very tasty. It also goes well with curries, dosas and samosas. Other typical Indian foods served along with basmati rice include black gram dal, pachadi basmati and paniyaram.

Many Indian foods which are traditionally made of rice and lentil are adapted for western diets. This includes garlic, which is used to flavor almost all dishes. Garlic has an aroma which is widely considered acceptable as it is neither too strong nor too mild. To add more flavor to it, you can season it with herbs and spices. The classic Indian dessert that is loved by all – Paratha is made of rice with yogurt and cream. Similarly, you can make a creamy paratha with yogurt and fresh cream.

The Dishes Use A Lot Of Vegetables

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There are a lot of vegetables and herbs that are used in Indian cooking. One of the most popular ones are cabbages (kebabs), which come flavored with various herbs and spices. These herbs and spices give these cabbages their distinctive taste and aroma. You will find that most of the people in India love to eat cabbages.

Other than cabbages, there are a lot of other vegetables and some exotic spices used in Indian cuisine. For example, there is a variety of Indian sauces which are prepared using onions, spices, tomatoes and a lot of milk. These sauces are known as masala sauces and are a major constituent of Maharaja Indian cuisine.

Chicken Dishes

Some of the famous Indian recipes include chicken tikka, which is chicken cooked in a spicy masala and flavored with yogurt and a little bit of sugar or honey. Another popular recipe is chicken kabobs, which are marinated in yogurt and freshly ground spices. Then there is chicken kebabs which are simply grilled meat which is dipped in yogurt and flavored with yogurt. There is also the classic dry rub, which is nothing but ground cumin, coriander powder and pepper powder which is mixed into dry ingredients and cooked in a pan till the ingredients become mushy. Then there is the pickle, which is a cucumber or tomato which is sliced and placed in a small hole of pure butter. And finally there is the dessert, which is a frozen dessert made of fresh fruits which are covered in thick chocolate.

The South Indian Delicacies

A very popular delicacy in Maharaja Indian Cuisine which is eaten by all the Indians is the dosas which are a type of rice cooked in a clay oven. It is simply rice along with different spices and fresh herbs like asafetida, asafetida, turmeric and salt. These are cooked in a clay oven, which is kept on top of a fire. The reason for cooking them in such an old method is that it was believed that the fire will keep the food warm and then it can be eaten. But, now we know that this was not the case and that it was the fact that the warmth kept the spices and other ingredients like tomatoes and potatoes intact and they were easily eaten.

In The End

The Maharajas of old preferred to eat fish and meat over vegetables cooked in pans. But today we have many options as one can choose from different types of vegetarian food that are easy to cook at home. If you like fish and meat then you can always go for it but if you don’t like any of these things then you can simply opt for any other vegetarian dishes that are equally tasty and have all the nutrients required by your body.

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