Some Filipino Party Food Favorites

Some Filipino Party Food Favorites

When planning a Filipino party, the menu can be a challenge, but when it comes to making your own Filipino recipes and fun Filipino food favorites, the whole experience becomes very easy. To make your own Filipino food may seem difficult at first, but it is fun when you find that it makes you and your guests very happy.

Some Filipino Party Food Favorites
Some Filipino Party Food Favorites

There are many variations of the traditional Filipino recipes, all different types of ethnic foods that come from different regions, and each one has a distinctive flavor that cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world. While there are recipes that can be made in your own kitchen if you do not want to go to a cooking class to learn how to make these food favorites, here are some easy Filipino food recipes for your party.

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* The catfish is one of the favorite things to eat in Philippine food. It is also one of the easiest to prepare. There are several flavors that are popular to serve.

* But if you would rather have your party with more seafood, just think about Tom Kha or Tom Yum to serve on your special day. With these flavorful and popular dishes, you can please even your children.

* Avocado melon cakes are also very delicious, especially on a cold night. They come in many different flavors. The avocado melon cake is one of the classic tastes of the Philippines.

Filipino Party Food Favorites

* Sweet and sour are very popular, especially on Valentine’s Day or as a gift to the special someone. These tastes are enjoyed with fish or pork and also some meats, such as chayote. You can even find a variety of sauces for your sweet and sour to choose from.

* Coconut is very common in Filipino food. You can try using it in a variety of ways to make the most out of your dinner table. You can make ice cream, drink with coconut milk, use it in a salad, and more.

* Lobi or Bibimbap is an Asian style dish that consists of pork or beef that is marinated in soy sauce, ginger, garlic, sesame oil, and more. It can be served with seafood, such as fish and shrimp.

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* Funghi is another popular type of food in the Philippines. It also can be cooked with meat, although a combination of both is often more popular and acceptable in American culture.

* You can also prepare some fish. It is a very simple dish that involves marinating fish in vinegar and spices. Many people also like to prepare this in coconut milk and garnish it with mint leaves.

When you plan for your Filipino party food, you can easily buy items at the local Asian market or even online. You can order in bulk and save time and money since many websites allow you to order in bulk and save yourself from any hassles. The internet is a fast and easy way to order what you need to make the Filipino dishes that you like.

Bottom Line

Some Filipino Party Food Favorites
Some Filipino Party Food Favorites

If you want to make your own Filipino recipes and fun Filipino food favorites, you can find the recipes in many places online and from the Filipino community. You can also find all the steps and instructions you need to make your own Filipino dishes and party food.

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