South Indian Food Items

South Indian Food Items That You Should Try

There are four parts in India, and each part of this country has its specialty when it comes to South Indian food items. You will taste entirely different dishes in different parts of this country, and every food item will make you drool. Today in this article, we are going to look at some of the tasty South Indian food items. These items have acquired fame around the world, and they are worth tasting.

Indian Food Items: Dosa

Dosa is the Indian form of crepes. They are pretty similar, but these dosas are crispier and thinner than the crepes. People use ice and lentils in the preparation of Dosas. These dosas are pretty big, and they take up an entire plate. They taste best with different forms of chutneys and sambar. This Dosa has a special place in the South Indian food items. Generally, you can eat it during breakfast and snack time. There are different forms of dosas available in the market, and every one of them is worth tasting.

South Indian Food Items That You Should Try At Least Once
South Indian Food Items That You Should Try

Indian Food Items: Idli

Here is another great south Indian food item that you should try. They consider idli as one of the healthiest and tastiest food out there. They are small, soft white cakes. People make them using lentils and rice. Idlis are perfect for breakfast, as well as a snack item. These idlis can be further transformed into idli chat, idli upma, etc.


Well, the south Indian foods list will be incomplete without this dish. Biryani is a rice dish which consists of different layers. All the layers have various vegetables, seasonings, and meats. This biryani will be available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian versions.

Chicken, mutton, pork, beef, seafood biryanis are some of the famous types of biryanis. In South India, they make more than 40 types of biryanis, which will surely make you fall in love.

South Indian Food Items That You Should Try
South Indian Food Items That You Should Try

Vada And Sambar

This is another great delicacy of South India. It is very similar to the donuts and is the Indian version of them. The lentil batter is deep-fried to make this vada. Usually, this vada can be eaten by Chutney or as it is without any combination, but it tastes best with sambar. The sambar is a soup which is made from vegetables and tamarind paste. The vada is dipped in sambar and then eaten.


This is a sweet which is made with milk and vermicelli. This is a classic combination of food items. You will fall in love with the taste of this Payasam. This is a milk pudding that tastes great with cashews and raisins.

Filter Coffee

The filter coffee will give you a never before and never after the experience. The coffee is brewed in the filter, and then milk, as well as sugar, are added to it. Combine all these ingredients with the help of a tumbler and bowl, it will result in a froth.

These are some of the best South Indian food items that you should give a try.  

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