Spread Sweetness Through Indian Sweets

Spread Sweetness Through Indian Sweets

Indians are one of the sweetest people in this world. Why? The reason lies in their sweets shops that they love to maintain with utmost care. Sweets are a common sight in Indian houses and they are eaten with very much fondness. From a small laddoo to Kaju Katli, the list of desserts doesn’t end. It just goes on increasing. On any occasion, bring sweets; some festivals around bring one box of sweets. There is only a string of reasons for being so sweet for Indian desserts. In this article, let us dive into this sugary world of Indian sweets to explore more about them.

Spread Sweetness Through Indian Sweets
Spread Sweetness Through Indian Sweets

Sweets And Desserts

Indian desserts are also known as mithai, a momentous component in Indian cuisine. Most of the sweets are fried foods created with milk, sugar, or condensed milk. In the eastern part of India, they are based on milk products. Most are flavored with pistachios and almonds, cloves, cardamom, spiced with nutmeg, black pepper, garnished with nuts, or with silver or gold leaf.

Spread Sweetness Through Indian Sweets
Spread Sweetness Through Indian Sweets

List Of Indian Sweets

We all love to eat sweets or desserts. On all occasions, we add dessert in it. One other fact is that our tummy can only handle some decadent sweets after we have already eaten other food. So, Sweets lover may check this list furnished below and know about it:

  • Besan laddu   
  • Rabri   
  • Sheera   
  • Signori       
  • Sohan Halwa   
  • Sohan papdi, pateesa
  • Amriti    
  • Chhena Gaja    
  • Chhena jalebi       
  • Boondi   
  • Gajar ka halwa Agra petha
  • Balushahi       
  • Gajar ki barfi       
  • Ghevar   
  • Gulab jamun/ Kala Jamun   
  • Imarti    
  • Jalebi   
  • Kaju katli   
  • Kalakand   
  • Kheer   
  • Kulfi   
  • Motichoor laddu   
  • Lassi   
  • Malai laddu       
  • Malpua   
  • Nankhatai   
  • Phirni   
  • Chhena kheeri       
  • Chhena Poda   
  • Cham Cham   
  • Kheer sagar           
  • Ledikeni       
  • Lyangcha   
  • Malapua
  • Mihidana   
  • Pantua   
  • Pithe   
  • Rabri   
  • Rasabali           
  • Ras malai   
  • Rasgulla   
  • Ras malai   
  • Sandesh
  • Ada   
  • Adhirasam       
  • Ariselu       
  • Bandar laddu   
  • Chikki        
  • Dharwad pedha   
  • Double ka meetha   
  • Gavvalu       
  • Jaangiri   
  • Kakinada khaja   
  • Kuzhi paniyaram       
  • Mysore Pak   
  • Obbattu / holige   
  • Palathalikalu           
  • Poornalu       
  • Pongal           
  • Pootharekulu   
  • Qubani ka meetha       
  • Sajjige   
  • Sheer korma   
  • Unni Appam   
  • Anarsa       
  • Basundi   
  • Dhondas       
  • Doodhpak           
  • Mahim halwa       
  • Modak   
  • Puran Poli   
  • Shankarpali       
  • Shrikhand   
  • Sutar feni       
  • Pan-Indian   
  • Burfi    Anjur
  • Halva       
  • Kheer       
  • Laddoo           
  • Peda   

World Of Indian Sweets

In the country, Indian sweets are called by various names, and one common name is mithai. Sweets and desserts include sugar and a vast array of. Some sweets are sauteed, or some are baked, varieties whereas still others involve a mixture of preparation techniques. Mithai are generally served with food and infrequently involves as a sort of celebration, religious ritual, parties, then several occasions within the Indian landmass.

Indian sweets are considered rich in calories and very sweet also. It can create a spike in the blood glucose levels or outcome in unnecessary & unhealthy weight gain. But ‘that’s not the truth, there are many Indian sweets that are low in calories. Here, we have listed the Indian Sweets in the above section. We have added all the dessert for each season & occasion in the huge collection called Indian Dessert. I hope by reading this article your love for sweets must have increased and you rush towards some sweet shop as soon as possible.

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