State of the Art Tongs for Cooking! The Beneficial Kitchen Tools That Should Not Be Overlooked!

Cooking is a lot more fun with the right type of kitchen appliances, gadgets and equipment. Cooking tongs find a number of uses for preparing, frying, flipping, grilling and baking food. The cooking tongs are made up of silicone and stainless steel that can be used to serve salads, to flip bread and pancakes, to cook barbecue meat, to pick up hot fried food items such as drumsticks, French fries and chicken wings. The tongs are made of BPA free silicone and high quality stainless steel that prevents it from rusting. These kitchen accessories are elegant to keep on the platform due to their unique and colourful appearance. 

Silicone Non-Stick Tong For Grilling Salad

The tongs are non-stick and free from scratches due to standard silicone coating on the tips. The non-stick silicone tongs can be easily locked and stored by pulling the ring given on top. Primary work of these tongs is to provide heat resistance and fine grip to the user. They work perfectly in providing heat resistance upto 600°F while frying, grilling or serving. Furthermore, they are easy to clean by simply wiping out the dirt using a napkin or washing them with soap and hot water. The body of these tongs is smooth and well polished making them appear neat and stylish. Even after using multiple times, the silicone tongs do not damage or stain. They do not trap water and are available in multiple colours as per the choice of the buyer. The tongs can be used to remove baked potatoes from the baking dish and for flipping fish, chicken and meats.  

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  • Feature Eco-Friendly
  • Certification CIQ
  • Model Number SF-04
  • Material Metal
  • Utensils Type TONGS
A pan of food on a plate


  • The product is made of high quality stainless steel and standard BPA free silicone material. 
  • The silicone tongs provide good grip while frying, flipping, grilling and serving various food items.
  • The tongs can be easily locked by pulling out the ring present at the top. 
  • They provide a comfortable grip to the user while cooking and serving.
  • The silicone tongs can be effortlessly cleaned by wiping out the dirt sticking on its surface with a cloth or by simply washing them with soap. 
  • The product is available at an affordable price.
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  • The product may be slightly expensive.


The silicone non-stick tongs are a multi-functional kitchen equipment that can be used while serving salad, grilling BBQ, flipping meat, chicken  while frying and picking warm food items. The product is easy to use, hold and store because of the material used in its production. The tongs are heat resistant and ensure good resting grip while serving. Furthermore, the product is easy to clean and requires no additional input to clean or store.

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