Stronger And Last Longer! Effortlessly Glide Through Food Offering Precision And Mastery In Each Cut

Ceramic material blades knives are an instrumental component of the kitchen. The kitchen has several items that are helpful for cooking. But the knife is the most crucial component of the kitchen.  This is helpful to cut or chop the food and vegetables quickly. Ceramic blades come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. These are best compared to steel blade knives. This material is not rich in rust and stain.

The ceramic blade knife set does not chop the meat and frozen items. But this is good for thin slices of the vegetable and foods. This knife is affordable and very light in weight. This knife set is trendy today. 99Everyone chose this for their kitchen. If you are confused about selecting the knife for the kitchen, this is best for your kitchen. You can get these amazing peeler sets or ceramic blades knives for your kitchen. By using this, you and your children can quickly chop the vegetables and fruits.


·         Brand Name      MYVIT

·         Material          ceramic

·         Feature           Stocked

·         Type     Knives

·         Model Number GCK-01

·         Certification  CIQ

·         Knife Type     Chef Knives

·         Color    Black Red Grey Green

·         Metal Type of blade  100% Zirconium oxide ceramic

·         Material of handle      ABS with non-slip TPR coating

·         Three-piece set     included three in+ 4 in +5 in a knife with a peeler

·         Four pieces set     included three in+ 4 in +5 in+6 in chef knife with a peeler

·         Knife type 1   6 inches chef ceramic knife

·         Knife type 2   5 inches utility ceramic knife

·         Knife type 3   4 inches slicing ceramic knife

·         Knife type 4   3 inches paring ceramic knife

·         Suitable for    Cleaver vegetables meat sushi fish soft cheesecake

·         used for          Home Kitchen, bar, restaurant, picnics

A close up of a knife

Pros Of Having Ceramic Knife Set

·         These knives are very light in weight. For this reason, you carry and do work efficiently.

·         These knife blades are fragile. You easily cut a portion of food and vegetables into thin slices.

·         These knife blades are very sharpened in a long time compared to a steel blade.

·         This material knife is not transferring her ion to food and vegetables.

·         The ceramic blade is non-porous and prevents the growth of germs.

·         The ceramic material knife is non-stain.

A person cutting a piece of cake on a plate

Cons Of Having Ceramic Knife Set

·         Ceramic is a brittle material; manufactured knives are easily broken by any twisted or flexed.

·         When the knife is lost, the sharpness is very difficult to retain compared to a steel knife.

·         Ceramic blade knives are not suitable for all purposes of the kitchen. When you wish to cut a slice of meat with bone, this is not possible. 


This knife is very suitable for the beginning of cooking because the handle of ceramic material knives is straightforward. Suppose you have no chance of any injury. And you easily chopped a portion of food and vegetables. The life of this is also longer compared to a steel blades knife. If you confuse, which knife set is best for you, you can try this one.

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