Suji Korean Cuisine – Best Of Cuisines You Might Have Missed

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Korean cuisine has authentic flavors with simple ingredients. They attempt to make Korean delicacies in the west by bringing Korea’s flavors with a western twist. They try to blend Korea’s traditional flavor and the modern and creative touch of the west to create something unique to serve its customers. Suji Korean cuisine brings authentic Korean flavors to the market with a commitment to clean labels that are perfectly made in the USA. Let us take a look at the taste that has a large fan following from all over the world.

Taste Of Suji Korean Cuisine

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Korean cuisine is a fascinating endeavor. And there is a reason why Suji’s Korean cuisine stands so tall and has marked its place in the west. It is famous for serving tasty Korean cuisine. Moreover, they also know how to keep their customers happy and take pride in adding Korea’s tinge in everything. They create. Even today, the customers shy away from trying brand new cuisines, which makes the task furthermore difficult, so in Suji, they try to create new products so that it feels familiar to the customers while also respecting the authenticity of the traditional cuisine.

Food Unites

A bowl of food on a table

In Suji, their ultimate aim is to connect all the cultures through the kitchen with people’s shared love for food and a sheer appreciation for the art of cooking. They are committed to crafting food that inspires conversation, gathers people around the table, and introduce a modern twist on traditional flavors. They also believe that sharing culture across a dinner table can bring people together. The outlets are situated in Korea, Japan, and the USA and bring the artisanal flavors of Seoul, Tokyo, and New York to all three locations. They focus on their quality, which is trustworthy and has helped them out in building great partnerships with the worlds’ largest distributors. 

Customer’s Choice At Suji Korean Cuisine

Suji’s kitchen offers some of the best Korean cuisines, full of natural flavor and simple to cook even at home. They have a variety of refrigerated as well as frozen food. Their savory beef bulgogi is amazing. Some Korean specialties also include beef bibimbap rice bowl that is refrigerated, frozen pork dumplings. It is also highly likely customers would not try out products they cannot pronounce, and hence they wouldn’t understand how to use it, so at Suji, they change the dish’s name to suit the local customers’ understanding. 

For instance, they changed the name of the traditional Korean bulgogi to savory beef. This name speaks to the local customers while also maintaining the final authenticity of the product. In the Suji’s kitchen, they use the clean, natural ingredients that are purely made in America. They also use ingredients free from preservatives and MSG while paying attention to that the taste and flavor of Korea are not lost in to cater to the needs and likings of the American consumers as well as the Koreans. 


The aesthetics of Korean food is why it has gained international recognition, and the fusion recipes at Suji’s are adding to these delicacies.

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