Tasty Traditional Chinese Cuisine In New York

su's chinese cuisine

Sure there were Chinese stores here and there, but for the most part the people who frequented these shops were either Russian or Jewish. In fact, there was a certain amount of anti-Chinese sentiment that ran rampant at times in the city. However, when I graduated from college and moved to Los Angeles, this kind of anti-Chinese sentiment was nowhere to be found. This led me to understand that perhaps there was a reason for this, maybe there was a shift in Chinese influence in the city.

The first thing that I noticed when I ate Chinese food was how fresh and delicious it was. The spices used in Chinese cooking had a very distinct smell, almost like an exotic aroma. The dishes themselves had very little taste, if any at all, and were rich and hearty. Of course, as I mentioned earlier, there were a few cases where the ingredients used had a strong odor, but these were few and far between.

Another thing I noticed was that the ingredients in Chinese food were rarely heated before being served. Food is naturally meant to be eaten raw, and there is no way that the heat could enhance the natural flavors of the food. So, unlike many other cuisines, Chinese cuisine actually uses its own unique set of ingredients to bring out its true flavor. This is something I have never tasted in a restaurant or anywhere else for that matter.

One of my favorite things about Chinese cuisine is the use of what are called “dry fruits”. These are simply dried out apples and other fruits that have been flavored with the most suitable flavor for whatever dish it is. For example, you can get a ginger and garlic flavored dry fruit and add this to a stir-fry or a dish that uses a lot of vegetables (like bean curd). Ginger and garlic are generally well-known for their hot flavor, but sometimes they are too strong and will overpower the natural flavors of the food that they are added to. If this happens, just simply switch to using another dry fruit instead, and the dish will be served as is.

Of course, another one of Su’s best selling points is the use of soy sauce. Soy sauce is a type of Asian sauce that is very rich and goes well with a variety of different Chinese dishes. There are a number of dishes that only use soy sauce, so if you are not a big fan of the stuff, don’t worry. You can still enjoy a variety of different Chinese dishes that use soy sauce.

One of the things that sets Su’s Chinese food apart from most restaurants in New York is the use of a variety of authentic Chinese spices. Seasonings such as ginger, garlic, Sichuan peppercorns, and more are used throughout the menu and provide a wonderful depth of flavor. Not only do they add wonderful smells and flavors to the food, but they also serve as an important part of the Chinese tradition. Some of the dishes on this menu even call for these authentic Chinese ingredients.


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If you are looking for a restaurant where you can get great Chinese food, then the places in New York that specialize in Chinese food are some of your best options. These restaurants are easy to find if you look in the right places, and most of them are easy to eat when it comes to the quality of the food. There are a lot of good Chinese restaurants in the area, and they are all very popular among the people who frequent these restaurants. If you are looking for a place to go to eat in the evening, then the Chinese restaurants in New York are your best options. Whatever you want to eat, whether it is seafood, vegetarian, noodles, stir-fry or just chicken, the place will likely have something that you will love.

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