Thai Cuisine: 7 Facts That No One Knows

There are various types of cuisines all over the world. However, only a few can make it to the top list and claim the best. Among various others, Thai is one of the best cuisines in the world. However, for most of the people that is the only information they have on Thai cuisine. In this article, we briefly discuss the types of food and the unknown facts about the cuisine. 

Thai Cuisine: 7 Facts That No One Knows
Thai Cuisine: 7 Facts That No One Knows

Here Are Some Of The Unknown Facts About Thai Cuisine

Thai Cuisine: No Bakery In Thai Food

You will hardly find an oven or any baking tool in a Thai house. However, that will not make you regret as the grill and fries will surely awaken your taste buds. Especially, to the people of Thailand. However, if you are looking for some high carb and delicious bakeries, then you need to search for both low and high. You definitely need some basic habits of it of course. 

Thai Cuisine: Cheap And Delicious

Have you ever heard of a combination where the food is not only tasty but cheap as well? At some point, it really depends on the place you are going for a meal. The noodle in Thailand is really cheap. However, most of them do not contain noodles but rice. No matter what you are planning to eat, you will never leave unsatisfied. 

Thai Cuisine: Regional Dishes

Thai Cuisine: 7 Facts That No One Knows
Thai Cuisine: 7 Facts That No One Knows

If you are planning to travel to Thailand, you might fall in love with a dish on the way. However, the regional division can be gruesome at times. The dish you love in the south of the country might not be available in the north. The main reason behind such a case is the regional division of cuisine. Khao soi is a great dish of northern Thailand, especially in Chiang Mai, but severely lacks in the southern region. 

Influence Of Chinese Cuisine

Although Thai cuisine is unique, however, it got its ideas from the Chinese. Around 2,000 years ago, many immigrants from China came to Thailand and brought along their cultures and recipes. The rice, soy sauce, and other food is an inspiration of Chinese cuisine. However, Thai people have their own influence on their food.

Next time, when you have a delicious Thai meal, don’t forget to thank the Chinese immigrants. 

Thai Cuisine: Sugar Is Constant

When you visit Thai cuisine, you must not forget to keep an eye on the time they are prepared. You will find a few spoons of sugar on your Thai food. Starting from papaya salad to pad Thai, almost everything has sugar. They like to combine all the flavors of sweet, sour, salty and spice to make a perfect dish. 

Spoon Is The Common Tool

Not to forget that Thai people have their own etiquette. They use various tools to eat their food. You will always find them using a spoon and a fork to eat their food. Moreover, chopsticks are compulsory in the case of noodles. 

No, Not All Foods Are Spicy

Many tourists travel to Thailand from all over the world to try spicy foods and slaughter their tastebuds. Although many dishes of Thai cuisine are spicy, not all of them use spices. However, the lack of spices does not make the dishes dull. 

There are various western food and unfriendly ingredients which make a perfect ingredient. Among various types of flavors, and spices, Thai cuisine is famous all around the world. It is in the top list from the last few years. What are you waiting for? Try Thai cuisine today and fall in love with the side range of spices. 

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