The Best Foods Of Indian Cuisine

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Delhi Indian cuisine is one of the most famous cuisines of India. Delhi is the capital of India and is also the largest city of India. This highly famous traditional Indian eatery with a big menu is especially famous for its lunch buffet during which you get to try a variety of dishes from all around the country.

North Indian Cuisine

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There are many famous Indian dishes in Delhi. Some of them are North Indian cuisine, South Indian cuisine, Central Indian cuisine, Western Indian cuisine and Chinese cuisine. All these have their own special variations and have their own style. So, you can certainly find something from this cuisine that would suit your taste buds.

It is perhaps true that not all of the food in Delhi was prepared by the Indians. The British ruled Delhi for many decades and their reign was so long that even many of their traditions have been absorbed into the Indian cuisine. Here, chicken sarees are very common, and the main meat used here is pork. However, there are many other types of meat that are also used.

Delhi Indian Cuisine

A plate of food on a table

Fish is another specialty of Delhi Indian cuisine. Many people claim that Delhi is the place where the most varieties of fish are available. It is true that many fish dishes are prepared in this city, but it does not mean that they are not cooked by the Indians. In fact, many Indian dishes are prepared with fish and are considered as traditional. Some of the most famous Indian fish dishes include the fish curry, fish roe and the Bhel puri.

Curry is another specialty of Delhi Indian cuisine. It is an amalgamation of spices and vegetables. There are many kinds of curries that are prepared in this cuisine.

The desserts of Delhi Indian cuisine have always been a hit among the tourists. These desserts are considered as real winners as they can be enjoyed by everyone. One of the popular desserts is the Kalakand, which is a mixture of yoghurt and milk. Another favorite of the Indian people is the Chai, which is a combination of tea and spices. The taste of these delicious food can be relished by every traveler visiting Delhi.

Meat And Pulses

Now, let us move on to the meat and pulses of Delhi Indian cuisine. The best part of this cuisine is that the people prepare it according to the availability of their resources. For instance, if you are in Delhi and you find no rice, you can prepare for yourself a delicacy called the Maach-Paneer. It is a kind of curd like food that is light and creamy and is made of black gram.

Last but not the least, the most famous food of Delhi Indian cuisine is the Vada Pav and Kebab. The Vada Pav is prepared using meat and vegetables that have been marinated in the yogurt and served with rice and sauces. The Kebab is basically a flat bread that has a spicy red sauce that is cooked in clay oven. Both these foods have become a part of the traditional Indian cuisine that is loved by all the people. In short, we can say that the food in Delhi simply cannot be classified as being regional cuisine, rather it is a fusion of the old and the new recipes.

Summing Up

Last but not the least, the Raafati is a dish prepared with chickpeas and is very popular in Delhi. The name itself tells about the spices used in the preparation. It is a famous delicacy in Northern India and is cooked in a clay oven. One can either make it at home or order it from a restaurant. It comes with a variety of spices and is prepared with a delicious sauce.

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