The Filipinos Food History – What You Should Know About The Cuisines History

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Filipino Cuisine is a blend of different countries and regions. There are many influences, which made the cuisine become popular all over the world. This is the reason why we can now find restaurants and cuisines serving it in different parts of the world.

Factors Affecting The Filipinos Cuisine History 

The main influence of the Filipino food is the Spanish colonization in the Philippines. Aside from Spanish culture, the country was also influenced by other countries. Some of these countries were China, Korea, Japan, and even the Dutch. These influences made the cuisine very appealing to a lot of people. People, who were in search for recipes of other countries, used to search for recipes on these cooking sites.

As time passed, there was also the popularity of cooking on islands of the Philippines. Aside from that, there were also fishing activities that allowed people to have more freedom in the kitchen. This gave birth to the Filipino recipes that you can find nowadays. However, the original recipes have been lost, which is why you will still find a lot of the same dishes, which were popular in the past.

The Filipinos had their own unique culture and tradition. In order to maintain the tradition, the country developed its own cooking methods. With these techniques, the country gained its own identity and became one of the most sought after cuisines around the world.

Basics Of Filipino Cuisine History

Food of the Philippines is based on the combination of several regions in the country. If you want to taste something exotic, try some traditional dishes, like pork loin with coconut milk, or spaghetti with eggs. Or try the Filipino fusion style of cooking: mixed meat and vegetables and topped with sauce.

Some of these dishes come from different countries and are not commonly available in the Philippines. Examples are: the Filipino sausage. These salsas are often marinated with onions, garlic, and spices, then cooked and served. Other types include the Chinese braised beef and shrimp; and the Chinese ham.

Although, these are just some of the most popular dishes, the Filipino cuisines history goes deeper. To get a full picture of the history, you can consult the National Archives.

Cooking, especially Filipino, has a very long history. There were many cooks that started out from humble beginnings and have transformed it into one of the most favorite cuisines in the world. Their recipes are always updated and so are the tastes and flavors of the food today’s version.

Traditional Filipino Cooking And Modification

Filipino cooking has gone through a few modifications, especially in the last century. Today, the people still eat rice and pork as staple meals. This is because rice and pork are cheaper compared to other foods. They also have their own cooking traditions, although the food has already been changed to some extent.

Food has gone a long way since then. Today’s Filipinos even practice using the Filipino way of preparing fish. In this method, you mix the fish meat with vinegar and salt.

This traditional method of cooking was developed during the colonial period. The first settlers were farmers who used this method of cooking to prepare the food to survive in their rural villages. After the colonial period, it spread to the cities. This means that the modern day version is the result of many different influences.

Now, this traditional cooking has also spread to other parts of the country. It is becoming more popular, especially in Western countries. This means that you can find different variations of this type of cooking in Europe and America.


When you think of a cuisine that has lasted for centuries, it is easy to see why it is still as popular as it was in the past. People are still eating this kind of food and love it too.

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