The Quality Of Chinese Cold Dishes In Dining Out In Beijing

qin west chinese cuisine

It originated from the old Fujian Province and is one of the most famous family recipes from the olden days. This dish is a perfect mix of flavors and traditional Chinese medicinal herbs. The ingredients are mainly vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, turnips, sweet potatoes, yams and many others. The main ingredient that combines with the taste of this wonderful food is the pearl tonic.

Look For The “Yeasts” Or “Rungs”

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When you order this famous Qin West Chinese Cuisine in a Chinese restaurant, you will have to look for the “yeasts” or “rungs”. These noodles are white in color. You can see these yeast strips in the long narrow boxes in which the soups are packed. There is no need for you to worry about the noodles because they are hand picked and dried just before the dishes are served on the dining tables. When you are ordering your favorite dish, you must be careful not to order the wrong Qin West Chinese cuisine.

The long, thin, silver-like rays of the golden porcelain needles come out of a hole in the center of the noodle while the noodle itself stays intact. The noodle is then cooked and placed inside a pot with a lid. Soon after, the lid would be lifted to let the steam of air to come out. The Qin West Chinese cuisine is a traditional form of cooking using a “sheng sau” or “shui ku” which means wind-water and is considered auspicious for fortune and health.

Uses A Large Number Of Noodles

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This dish uses a large number of noodles and there is a long history of combining these into delicious dishes. For instance, you can start off your meal with Ramen, another type of noodle soup. The basic ramen used in this dish is a type of wheat flour that has been enriched with protein and flavored with soy sauce. To make it more delicious, you can add some chunks of firm tofu that has been steamed along with the ramen. On the side, there are several types of toppings such as bean sprouts, scallions, raisins, and even peanuts and almonds.

Stir-fried Dishes

Next on the list are some wonderful selections of stir-fried dishes. You will often find Chinese restaurants that have large and generous servings of vegetables and fruits along with stir-fried dishes that use a lot of garlic, ginger, and sesame oil. The regular menu of a Chinese restaurant in the qin west Chinese restaurants will include dishes like noodles dumplings (xiao mian), stir-fried vegetables like broccoli florets, and vegetable dishes with unique spices and ingredients. For dessert, there are many choices: cakes, jellies, pies, and puddings. If you like your desserts warm, you can order the winter melon soup that is served on the regular menu.


In conclusion, I would definitely recommend dinning at this restaurant for its flavorful, unique Chinese cold dishes. If you are in the mood for something hot, I recommend sampling the beef and broccoli florets. The quality of the beef and the sauce make this the perfect cold dish during any occasion. If you are looking for a unique Chinese experience, I would definitely recommend dinning at this restaurant during your first visit in Beijing.

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