The Secret Foods of the Korean Kitchen

korean kitchen

Korean cuisine is a combination of all those oriental, tropical, and fish-stuffed ingredients. From its beginning, Korean food has evolved itself to become one of the most famous and widely loved dishes in the world. You may be curious about the exact method of how this happened. Well here are three popular methods that the cuisine undergoes to come up with some of the best dishes in the world.

The Fermentation

Korean Food

The first method which was used by Korean cuisine to produce delicious Korean dishes is fermentation. Fermentation is a must in every Asian country including Korea. The ingredients that are used for this are plums, raisins, onions, garlic, ginger, and fermented soybeans. This will help to give the mixture a sweet taste.

The Ingredients

Korean Food

The second method which can be considered as one of the most important Korean kitchen ingredients is rice. Rice has always been at the top of every Korean cook’s list and it has also been one of the most important Korean cooking ingredients since ancient times. This was because rice was used for medicinal purposes during the time of the Korean king. The king would make use of the rice as a means of preserving his life and would cut it into slivers to eat to improve his health and strength.

The Korean Spices

Another must-have in any Korean kitchen is spicy Korean food. Spicy food goes well with almost every kind of flavor and there are hundreds of spices that are used to enhance the spiciness. These spices include garlic, ginger, garlic salt, sesame oil, and red chili flakes. These spices are often used in combination with vinegar, fish sauce, and sugar. This is a must in every Korean kitchen.

The Soybean Paste

Lastly, we have the fermented soybean paste which is known to improve the health and taste of every dish that is prepared in this kitchen. Soybeans are known to contain a lot of vitamins and minerals which are good for the human body and enhance health. Therefore, fermented soybean paste is a popular ingredient in Korean cooking and is always served along with kimchi.

The Famous Korean Ingredients

A famous example of famous ingredients in Korean cuisine is bibimbap, a pancake-like food that is very popular all over the world. A lot of chefs have been working hard to perfect this dish and the best way to learn about this famous dish is to have a deep understanding of the history of Korean cuisine. Through the years, the secret of making bibimbap was kept and many recipes had been perfected until people were finally able to come up with the perfect pancake.

Korea is known to have one of the best-preserved culinary histories. This is because of the great interest they have in preserving their culinary heritage. The Korean cooking tradition has preserved its strong food ingredients such as ginseng, onion, and garlic together with the unique flavors they have. Other famous Korean ingredients include ginseng, garlic, and red onions which make up the bulk of Korean food which are rich in flavors.

A very important ingredient in Korean dishes is rice. This is the main staple and is used in almost all recipes. Apart from being used as the primary staple, rice is also used in many ways as an accompaniment or in other dishes where it plays an important role. Many of the Korean dishes start off using rice before adding other ingredients. Many Koreans would like to eat rice with their meal even before eating anything else. To achieve this, every family has a rice cooker which they use to cook rice on every meal.

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