The Truth About Chinese Buffet – Eating Healthy

chinese buffet

If you are a food lover or in the market to become one, then you may have wondered about “Real Chinese Food”. Have you ever been to a Chinese restaurant and noticed that the portions are much larger than in the US? Or perhaps you have traveled to China and noticed that the service and quality are much better than in the US? It may be because the ingredients used are of the same high quality. The reality is that no one can make authentic Chinese food without using the same basic ingredients as those found in America. The only difference is the method of preparation.

Know About Real Chinese Food

Chinese Buffet

Real Chinese Food is very rich in the five categories of taste, which are the subtle, strong, sour, salty and sweet. The use of seasonings enhances these characteristics greatly. Szechuan Peppercorn is often a main ingredient for gourmet Chinese cooking. The pungent and hot scent from this spice invokes memories of Lishan peppers which were a staple in the north before the invention of tea.

Chicken And Beef As Common Ingredient

Chinese Buffet

Some people will tell you that the real Chinese food is simply chicken and beef with no vegetables at all. This type of cooking is called “xia” which actually means raw. It is very different from the mass produced “nu”, “xian” and “fu” style of cooking which are cooked on high pressure and with large amounts of water. These styles are very popular in restaurants where they can boast the largest following of people. In home cooks who do not want to spend time cooking for so many, they use many of the recipes found in these famous restaurants which they can then adapt to their own special tastes.

Real Chinese food has been nicknamed the “CD” food because it contains many of the same ingredients as its European counterparts such as cheese, potatoes, eggs and seaweed. The most important ingredients are: chicken (very few exceptions), beef, vegetables, rice and stock or water. There are many variations of each of these ingredients, but the basis of the recipe remains the same.

Food Is Usually Not Fried

Real Chinese food is not fried. The first chef to discover this was the daughter of a local emperor who was looking for a way to cook food that was more nutritious than the clay pots that were being made. She used egg batter to fry egg rolls, which were a big hit in China. Later this became a favorite in Europe, where it was served with bread and tomato sauce. Today the egg roll is often served along with dim sum and fruits like mango and pineapple.

Real Chinese food does not contain salt. The first Chinese explorers found that salt was one of the leading causes of bad health in the new world. They replaced salt with hot spices that gave the ingredients a more peppery flavor while adding a lot of flavor. This was a big departure from the methods used by the Indian and Persian cooks and started the long tradition of using real spices instead of salt.

Summing Up

Real Chinese food makes use of a wide variety of ingredients that you usually do not see in your grocery store. Although there are many different vegetables that are used to make these dishes, broccoli and cauliflower are always staples. Broccoli is used to add color and flavor and red cabbage is used as a side vegetable. Cauliflower can be steamed while being shredded and then mixed with onions and garlic. All of these ingredients are used together to create a tasty dish that people can prepare at home.

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