The Unique Taste of Fruit in Fillipino Cuisines

fruit in fillipino cuisine

Local to the Philippines and mainly found in northern provinces of Philippines, fruits in fillipinos are a staple dish for its inhabitants. Fruits such as banana, plantain, mango, papaya, persimmon, and watermelon are used for food. These fruits are sweet, rich, and fresh and have very few flaws making them very popular especially with Filipino women. It is one of the reasons why the people called it ‘nutritious’.

Fresh fruits are always best when preserved using a method that will preserve their natural state for as long as possible. This is where freezing is a good method that you can use when preparing these fresh ingredients in your fillipino cuisines. Most especially when you are making Filipino dishes, fresh ingredients are always a must. Aside from the fresh ingredients, fruits and vegetables are also important in making any recipe a success.

The Preparation Process

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The food preparation involves lots of steps but in the end you will come up with great dishes that people will surely enjoy. One important thing to remember when doing this kind of cooking is that you need to make sure that the preparation is done well. Always make sure that when cooking, you will not end up adding salt or sugar because these two ingredients will ruin the taste of your dishes. Better stick with using just vinegar or lemon to preserve your food.

Vinegar is used to preserve most foods. When doing this procedure, you need to first boil the ingredients together until they become tender. Then, you can use a silver bowl to let the mixture to steep for about 2 minutes. After steeping, rinse off the mixture well so that you can use it for future use.

Awesome Dishes

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For other fillipino cuisines like Pina Coladas and Tandoori dishes, you can add fresh mangoes, strawberries or even blackberries as well as other fruits such as watermelon, pineapple or kiwi. For example, if you are preparing Pina Coladas, you can make a mango paste and then stir in cream, li kome juice and whipped cream. Add a sprig of fresh mint leaves and garnish with some sliced lemon or lime wedges and you are good to go. If you are preparing Tandoori chicken, you can marinate the meat with yogurt and lemon juice and add a few drops of fenugreek seeds and then cook in an oven. Serve with steamed white rice. Make sure to keep some fresh mint leaves in place to make it tastier.

Other Making Processes

Fruits in Indian cuisine are also very common. Most commonly, mangoes and bananas are used as a side dish or as a snack. Avocados are also commonly used as a dip for chips and other seafood. Pineapple is often used as a sauce for chicken or shrimp while mangoes are also widely used as a dessert ingredient. Apples and oranges are used for preparing curries. Applesauce is also commonly used and it can be used instead of oil.

Fruit in Mexican dishes are usually grilled. Grilled vegetables or cooked meats such as beef, pork and lamb are best eaten with this tasty condiment. It can also be added to stir fries and tacos to give them a sweet, tangy and spicy taste. Bananas, pears, carrots, tomatoes and mangoes are just some of the fruits most commonly used.


As you can see, there are many ways to use fruits in Fillipino cuisines. They can be used to offer variety to the dishes or used to preserve the food in the traditional manner. As the Fillipinos have a long history of traveling, it is likely that their dishes have also evolved over time. You can see recipes from the old times on the internet if you do some searching. You will also find some great sources of information about Mexican foods and more. You can visit sites such as Wikipedia to learn more about the origin of Mexican cuisine.

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