The User-Friendly Designed Luminous Function Allows You To See The Time Clearly At Night And Sleep!

This is the 21st century here. All of us need to be on time everywhere. Time is very precious because everything in the world is linked with time. If anyone finishes work on time, then the person will get the benefit of that. There are lots of devices by which we can watch the time and finish our work on time. There are wall clocks, mobiles, wristwatches and many more things to watch time. One of the new inventions is the digital-led monitor alarm clock, and it also measures the temperature at that respective time.

The digital-led monitor alarm clock comes with an additional feature of measuring temperature. Nowadays, the climate is changing very rapidly. You cannot predict anything in that, so this is the device that may help measure the temperature, which will help us plan our day as per the weather of that particular day. It also comes with a feature of alarm, which is helpful when we need to wake up early. As it is a digital-led monitor, it is straightforward to operate and use it. Digital Led monitor clock is a USB chargeable device that comes with a removable battery. You can get this amazing alarm clock now.


•       Diameter: It has16 mm diameter.

•   Display Type: It has a Digital display.

•   Weight: Its weight is 140g.

•   Length: Its length has 5mm

•   Screen Type: it has an LED screen.

•   Type:  It is the Alarm clock.

•   Is Smart Device: It is NO intelligent device.

•   Feature:  It has LUIMINOVA fracture.

•   Motivity Type:  It has Digital motivity.

•   Material: It is made up of Metal.

•   Width: Its width is 6mm

•   Style: It is based on Modern style.

•       Form: It is a single  Face form clock.

•   Alarm clock:  It is a Digital clock.

•   Table clock: It has to Wake up light.

•   Shape:  It comes in the shape of Rectangle/Square

•   Power Supply: It has a USB or 3 x AAA Battery (Battery not Include) power supply.

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Pros Of Digital Mirror Alarm Clock:

•   Its clock is Small in size. You can place it anywhere in your room.

•   Multipurpose digital led watch with modern style.

•   It is used for watching the time and temperature.

•   Made up of Metal, so a durable product.

•   Led digital watch has a unique feature of wake up light which help in waking up

•   Easily available on regular internet products.

•   Chargeable device and easily removable battery

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Cons Of Digital Mirror Alarm Clock:

•   The battery devices need backup every time.

•   Digital led monitor if once its brake then it is unrepairable.

•   An electronic device, so be careful while using it

•   Sometimes not measured temperature correctly does not work as a thermometer

•   It has an alarm clock but is not very loud, so it is not very much helpful.


In the end, Digital LED Monitor Alarm Clock with Time and Temperature Display for Home and office is a type of small device which helps humanity to grow more. And made our life one step easy. It is a versatile device used for digital clocks, alarm clocks, and a small sensor to measure room temperature. It provides us with a beep alarm also which helps us in waking up early.

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