Top 5 Quick Dinner Recipe Ideas

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While quick does not always mean tastier, the following quick dinner recipes often prove this saying wrong. These quick dinners also offer you a quick break from elaborate meals. With these quick dinner recipes, you can get quick food quickly.

The following quick dinner recipes will not leave you with an excuse of “I don’t know what to make for dinner”. These quick dinners are quick, easy, and delicious.

If you are looking for quick dinners that taste good, look no further than the following quick dinners:

1) Lasagna Rolls

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These quick lasagna rolls have a unique taste which makes them irresistible. The best part is, these quick lasagna rolls take only twenty minutes to prepare in a preheated oven. Another advantage is that these quick lasagna rolls freeze well so you can save them for later consumption or entertain unexpected guests in an instant when needed.

2) Pork Chops with Sweet Potatoes

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This quick dinner recipe will simplify your quick dinner time. These quick pork chops are served alongside oven-baked sweet potatoes which take only fifteen minutes to roast in an oven. The best part about the quickness of this quick dinner is that you can use frozen or canned sweet potatoes without having to worry about under-cooking them. It also means that you can get ready quick dinners even on days when, for some reason, you run out of fresh ingredients at home.

3) Spicy Chicken Soup

Having this quick spicy chicken soup will help warm your body up during winter colds and flu season. The added advantage here is that this quick chicken soup takes only ten minutes to prepare in a microwave. It also means that you can prepare quick dinners even when the fridge is empty.

4) Quick Curry Pork Chops

Although quick curry pork chops might not be as quick to make as quick lasagna rolls or quick chicken soup, it is still quick enough for busy people looking to get quick dinner ideas to try out. These quick pork chops take only twenty minutes of your time in a preheated oven. Although this recipe needs some marinating before cooking, it still counts as one of the quickest recipes ever for quick dinner ideas.

5) Toasted Pita Sandwiches

This easy meal has all the health benefits of eating pita bread without any of the guilt associated with eating deep-fried foods at restaurants. This quick vegetarian meal idea takes only fifteen minutes to prepare on a stovetop. It also means that you can get quick dinners even when you are not in the mood to cook anything elaborate.


The quick meals above are quick, easy, and tasty. They use ingredients easily available at home so you don’t have to run around looking for specialty items at the supermarket. What’s more, these quick dinner recipes will surely help you save time, money, and energy while cooking for yourself or your family.

Quick dinner recipes also mean quick food quickly, so what are you waiting for? Try out some of the quick dinner recipes mentioned here today!

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