Top 5 Traditional Korean Dishes That You Must Not Miss Out

A bowl filled with different types of food on a table

Korean food is famous all around the world. If you are also a Korean food lover then, this article is for you. Most of the Korean dishes include a delicious mix of meat, vegetables, and carbs. Also, red meat is a super popular and delightful dish in Korea. Vastly the side dishes are vegan or vegetarian preferred by a large number of the population. However, a typical Korean meal includes a bowl of rice, stew, and some side dishes. Now, let us look over some of the unique ingredients used in all the traditional dishes of Korea.

Best 7 Korean Special, And Famous Traditional Food Ingredients


Numerous ingredients are being used in their traditional food but, some

of the best and flavorful ingredients are as follows:

● Korean Chilli Powder

● Roasted Sesame Seeds

● Ground black pepper

● Raw wine ( cooking wine)

● Korean Fish Sauce

● Korean Malt Syrup

● Soy Sauce

Adding the above ingredients to your food makes it a scrumptious meal!

Best Five Traditional Korean Dishes That You Must Try

A bowl of food sitting on top of a wooden table

Here are some of the mouth-watering Korean dishes. Hurry up! Check it out.

● Korean Bibimbap

The classic Korean Bibimbap looks as pretty as in the picture when served. The

six different types of vegetables are used in this dish, and you can choose the

vegetables as per your convenience and taste. Koreans love to eat this dish

with beef, and you can also add bibimbap at the top with a fried egg. Yummy!

● Bulgogi (Korean beef barbecue)

Bulgogi is the most famous and toothsome dish served with paper-thinly sliced

meat, and it has a smoky-sweet flavor. You can eat this dish fried, broiled, and

grilled. However, the most appetizing part is lettuce wraps and gochujang for

swathing and spacing the meat.

● Mandoo ( Korean dumplings)

Mandu or Mandoo is the most popular dish and is prepared mainly during the

festive season. It is believed as a symbol of good luck when prepared as a part

of Korean Lunar New Year Festivities. In addition, you can add the dumplings to

a beef broth or anchovy broth for a dish named mandu-guk and is served with

tteok mandu guk. It is a traditional rice cake. So tempting, right?

● Chap Chae

Chap Chae is also known as Jap Chae and is one of Korea’s most famous noodle

dishes. It is a stir-fried Korean noodle made up of mung bean, sweet potatoes,

and the exciting part is that they become transparent when cooked. You can

try it in both ways, cold or hot. It tastes super amazing in both ways.

● Bossam

Last but not least, here it comes, Bossam! It is a wrap, Korean pork belly

lettuce wrap. It can be considered a light meal, and you can cook it when some

 friends are coming for snacks or dinner. It is generally cooked in a large quantity, basically not a single-person meal.


Hopefully, this article was a great help to you. Those mentioned above are the most delicious and appealing Korean dishes that you’ll fall in love with. So, what are you waiting for? Try these lovely dishes with the magic of Korean ingredients.

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