Unique Chinese Desserts You Need To Know About

Know About 5 Amazing Chinese Sweets

Chinese Desserts are sweet dishes which are generally served along with tea or with the meals. Chinese cuisine has the most diverse and richest culinary heritage. This cuisine generally comprises of two components, one being the carbohydrates and the other being veggie, dish and meat. Rice is the main component of Chinese cuisine, maybe it’s for sweet or savory. Serving the desserts after a meal might be very common in the western culture but in Chinese Cuisine meals don’t end with sweet dishes. Serving desserts along with the meal are a thing of Chinese cuisine.

Chinese Dessert mainly comprises of East Asian ingredients like glutinous rice, sweet bean paste, agar, etc. We can categorize Chinese Desserts into six categories:


Baked Wheat flour desserts are Bing. They are quite similar to the western style short crust pastry. Some common type of Bing desserts are moon cake, sun cake, wife cake.


Know About 5 Amazing Chinese Sweets

Know About 5 Amazing Chinese Sweets

Honey, cane sugar and malt sugar is the main component of the Candies. The Candies gets their texture from the nuts and fruits. Dragon Beard Candy and White Rabbit Creamy Candy are the most common of them.
Guo: Guo are rice based desserts, generally made out of glutinous or normal rice. They are fluffy and jelly like in texture. Examples are Nian Gao, Tangyuan and Ang Ku Kuch.


Chinese jellies are similar to other jellies available, the only difference being that they contain agar instead of gelatin.


Sweet syrups topped on shaved ice Desserts.


Desserts belonging to this category are generally served with hot soups and custards. These desserts are said to have medicinal properties in their liquid. Example: Douhua.

Though many Chinese Desserts doesn’t exist but there are quite a few delicious Chinese Desserts that are relished and enjoyed. Some of the most loved sweet dishes are:

Dragon’s Beard Candy:

This is a type of Chinese Candy whose origin dates back to the late Han Dynasty. It’s texture is very similar to Candy Floss. They are very sticky in nature. These are generally available in road side shops near popular tourist destinations.


These are candied fruits on a stick. Chinese toffee apple, is the other name of this Chinese dessert. This is an old Beijing style snack, skewers with crabapples dipped in liquid sugar.


Tangyuans are glutinous rice filled with ground sesame paste. These are mainly served with , a sweet watery soup. These desserts are very common during the Chinese New Year.

Almond Jelly:

Know About 5 Amazing Chinese Sweets

Apricot Kernels are the core ingredients of these cream color Jelly. These are widely available from Beijing to China and the South of China.

Egg Tarts:

Egg Tarts aren’t the desserts of China, they belong to the Portuguese Colonists. These are basically custard tarts, best eaten warm. Cantonese style restaurants generally serve these Desserts.

Moon Cakes:

The Moon Cakes is quite different from other Chinese Desserts. Moon Cakes are quite filling, as one Moon cake is of 1000 calories. The filling of each Moon Cake is lotus seed paste or red bean paste or dried yolk from salted duck egg. Autumn Festival in China are the time for Moon Cakes.

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