Using Indian Recipes to Make a Low Calorie Indian Food

low calorie indian food

The goal for achieving a low calorie diet is to stay within the recommended calorie intake and slowly reduce the amount of calories being consumed over time in order to achieve a calorie deficit to help with losing weight. For instance, a person might seek out to burn 2020 calories a day in order to help with weight loss and then eat less. But Indian food is often considered quite hard to find low-fat choices. You may think there is no way that you can get to eat healthier, but you will be surprised at the possibilities that exist in Indian cooking and at the ways to go about it.

Indian food has a large amount of spices, which can give it a very spicy taste that many people don’t like. Many of the dishes in Indian cuisine, such as curries, are marinated for hours to give it a flavor that many people do not enjoy. This is not necessarily a bad thing though as spices in Indian dishes can also be quite healthy if they are used correctly.

Avoid Spices

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There are many different ways to reduce the spices in an Indian meal. For example, instead of using a lot of garlic in a dish, use more onions or use them in a milder way than you would in a spicy dish. Use more ginger instead of garlic and then use more cumin. You can also use less curry sauce and more rice in your Indian dishes to add more nutrients to the dish. Some recipes include coconut milk as a substitute for the usual milk so you can also reduce the amount of spices that you are adding to the dish.

Another way of adding some protein to an Indian dish is to substitute white rice for the rice that usually accompanies a dish. And you can also substitute brown rice for rice that has more water content. This allows you to get the same amount of protein that you get from white rice but you do not end up having to worry about overindulgence and being overindulgent in your Indian meal.

NO Fats!

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The other problem many people have with Indian food is the fat that is used in many of the dishes. Many people feel that this is too much fat, especially if you use a lot of sauces and fat laden food on a daily basis. To solve this problem, try replacing the traditional butter in many dishes with coconut oil or olive oil instead.

Olive oil is also a good substitute for butter and you can even make your own coconut oil by using a blender. In this way, you get a good balance between the taste and the health benefits of the butter and the taste of coconut.

Use Low Calorie Items

In order to reduce the calorie content of any meal, the best thing you can do is replace all the meat with a low calorie vegetable and avoid the sauces that contain a lot of fats. For example, if you are using butter in a dish, use vegetable oil instead. Using canned chicken or fish will give you both protein and a good portion of sodium and potassium, which can help you to lose weight while still enjoying a delicious meal.

Final Say

Low Calorie Asian food is a great idea for those who need to lose weight and who want to feel better overall. For people who prefer to watch their weight, you can eat as much fish, but if you are looking to eat healthier you can still eat the standard portions of food that you usually eat in western restaurants, but substitute the fried and grilled chicken with baked chicken instead of deep fried chicken or pork chops. Many of the desserts such as pies, cookies and cakes that you find in supermarkets can also be prepared with low calorie Asian desserts instead of dessert creams.

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