Village Indian Cuisine – Here Is For The Indian Food Craving

village indian cuisine

India is known for its diversity in culture, religion, soil, climate, and food. Indian food is recognized by the whole world. Every region in India has its different famous traditional cuisines present. Village Indian cuisine recipes are famous for their ingredients, spices, and way of cooking delicious food. 

Village Indian cuisine has high health benefits and rich in tradition. Here, we’re going to discuss Indian village cuisine importance, famous village dishes, which types of ingredients are used, and its cooking technique.

List Of Famous Village Indian Cuisine 

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In India, villagers cook authentic meals with vegetables, and fruits are generally grown locally. There are lots of delicious veg and non-veg village Indian cuisine items present, but here we’re going to cover a few best Village Indian cuisines around all region that has been segmented in veg and non-veg:

Vegetarian cuisine: Dal and Rice is the most famous cuisine in Indian village but in every village, they use different types of rice and lentils to cook. Litti chokha, Paratha, Vegetable curry, Kheer (sweet rice), Pumpkin curry, Sambar (mix vegetables and lentils), Kootanchoru (mix rice and lentils), Rotties (rice flatbread), Dal bati churma, Goan khatkhate (mix vegetable stew), saag, Thoran, Idli, Dosa, Thukpa (soup noodles), and, bamboo shoots curry, these are the famous vegetarian cuisine in the Indian village.

Non-vegetarian cuisine: Bhuna meat, Meat curry, Fish curry, Ankapur chicken, Kheema bhare (stuffed meat in bitter ground), Bhetki paturi steam (fish stuffed), Meat stew, and meat dumplings are the most famous dish cook in Indian villages.

Ingredients And Spices Used 

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The ingredients used in village Indian cuisine are grown in their own field or grown locally. In village Indian cuisine, basic Indian spices are used. The spices are used in village cooking like cumin, cloves, coriander is used in every cuisine and green cardamons, cassia backs, nutmeg, mace are used in festival cooking cuisine, the spices are used in cooking either whole or crushed by grinder stone.

Cooking Technique And Equipment

Traditionally, Indian village has a variety of cuisine. There are traditional cooking techniques and utensils they use to cook authentic village foods. Till now, villages in India used Chuha’s (open-fire cook between bricks) to cook their food. It is a traditional way of cooking in India. In this technique, the food cooked slowly in a Chulha’s to enhance the flavor and to give a charcoal flavor. Villagers mainly use clay, copper, and iron pots to cook. It not only enhances the flavor and aroma, but it also has many health benefits cooking in it. Indian villagers use grinding stones to grind the spices.


Village Indian cuisine is not only delicious, but it is also healthy and nutrient-full meals. From the above discussion, it can be concluded that because of the locally grown ingredients and traditional techniques of cooking, village Indian cuisine produces classic flavors. You might want to check out the list of dishes you can expect from the village side and come up with a theme based party the next time you host one.

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