Visiting Ihaw – Giving Your Next Vacation the Touch of Polynesian Real Estate

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If you want to experience the flavors of the Philippines, Ihaw Island is the perfect place for you. Considered one of the most popular vacation destinations in the Philippines, Ihaw Island boasts of all types of attractions and activities that will surely enthral you. And what’s more, if you’re not from the Philippines, you can even enjoy Ihaw’s cuisine. This is because this island destination has something for every taste. For example, if you want to try your luck with white rice, then you can do so. If you want to try the flavour of coconut milk, then you can.

If you are from the southern part of the country, Ihaw Island would be a perfect location for you. Because the climate of this place is humid, the food that you will be able to enjoy here is light and refreshing. It is also known for its Filipino cuisines. You will definitely enjoy the different varieties of Filipino dishes in Ihaw.


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If you love seafood, then you need to check out Filipino dishes. In Ihaw, there are so many seafood restaurants where you can get your fill of cooked seafood. From grilled shrimps to fresh fish, there are so many dishes that you can try. If you don’t like seafood, then you can also try Filipino tapas, which is usually served with steamed veggies.


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Pampanga is also another great dish in Ihaw. Its name means “pamp” or “papaya.” It is a popular dessert in the Philippines and it is made from sweetened condensed milk. Aside from being delicious, it also tastes yummy! Filipino cuisines also go way back. The long history of the Filipinos in Ihaw has inspired a lot of their cooking, in fact. The long-lasting friendship and partnership between the local and foreign communities have also resulted in great Ihaw cuisine. In fact, the term “Ihaw ihaw” literally means “eat and let live.” You can taste the sense of equality here in Ihaw.

Raw Food

Filipino cuisine can also be enjoyed in its very raw form. That is also a great place for you to try Filipino raw foods. If you are from the northern part of the country, then you can also experience some of the best pork loins in the world, for instance. If you’re looking for souvenirs, you can also visit other local malls in Ihaw to buy items you might see on Filipino fics, such as paintings and souvenirs.

Things To Do Apart From Eating

During the afternoon, you will be able to see the finest examples of traditional Filipino arts in the form of art shops. These shops are open every day, 9am to 4pm, except on weekends. You will also be able to find different handicrafts such as soap, ceramics, and woodcrafts like bowls and statues. If you’re looking for something different, you can visit the stalls selling seashells from Iqaluit.

One of the good things about visiting Ihaw is that there are also many historical buildings that you can visit. This town was incorporated during the early Spanish colonization of the Philippines. The colonial government established the Alabang Church and Fort Chapora as a way to welcome their former slaves who were liberated from the Spaniards. In fact, the Alabang Church became a place where Filipino leaders could meet to plan further improvements to their community and to strengthen their position in the community. You can also see remnants of these historical structures still in place.

The Pampanga River is flowing through the center of Ihaw. For your convenience, the Ihaw City Kayaking and Hiking tour also includes this portion of the area. Most kayaks here are made from fibreglass-reinforced plastic because they are strong and easy to handle. Kayaks are rented in bulk. Hikers can go on a guided Jeep tour that goes through natural bush trails.

Wrapping Up

Aside from the beautiful scenery and the many historical sites, Ihaw also has a rich history. Some notable figures from the Philippines such as heroes in the Spanish colonists and freedom fighters like Amulao and Mendoza. These events can be seen along the way and in some cases, you can pay to see these activities. If you want to learn more about the early history of the Philippines, Ihaw is a great place to explore. There are even artefacts that you can view at the museum that talks about some of the key figures in Philippine history.

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